Environmental Management Policy

At Mahr Surgical we’re passionate about helping to improve the environment and conserve as much of the little natural resources left as possible, to combat this we have a number of ways in which we tackle the ongoing environmental issues:

Using laptops

All our employees here at Mahr only use laptops which are proven to be more efficient at using energy, an average laptop compared to an average PC can use up to 5 times less power when at low operating speed, this is obviously a big difference and something we at MAHR are very concerned about


At MAHR we have opted to create an e-catalogue, this is because we feel it will benefit the environment by not wasting vital paper, and also, in turn, the consumer can easily access the product they require at a fraction of the time making the whole process more efficient.

Printing policy

Another one of our policies is to not print for any reason, the literature available to our customers is sent via e-mail and then only advised to be sent to print if paramount, and this is to cut down on the paper usage, at MAHR, rather than printing important documents, these are saved on an external hard drive to be accessed when required.


The recycling of our instruments is one of the key differences which separate us from our competitors, we will happily take any instrument that you have no need for we then recycle this and once the instrument has been remade and sterilised once more we then give back by donating these to third world and developing countries.

Environmental projects

As well as all of the above we are also very keen to get involved and therefore percentages of our profits go to helping organisations these include:

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